Pack 17

Shannon Hills, Arkansas


                                     We have built this site to help keep our Scout Leaders and Parents 
                                informed on our upcoming events and to show off some of our many 
                               achievements. Please  be patient as we are still under construction and 
                               will be adding new content on a regular basis.


                                           We have quite a few events planned for the next few months. 
On Thurs. Oct. 18, we had our "Great Pumpkin Giveaway"
We gave a 95lb. Pumpkin away and raised about $150.00
These funds are Very Important. This is how we purchase the
awards for the boys. The "Mountain Man Rendevous" is the weekend of Oct. 20/21, this will be an event not to be missed.
Last year we had a blast the boys participated in many events
and earned a Badge to boot.
The Haloween Carnival is Sat. Oct. 27, please come the kids
will have a great time, there is a custome contest and many other
things for the kids.
Popcorn Money is due by Thurs. Nov. 8, please bring your
forms andmoney to that meeting. Please check with your Den Leader for exact dates and times on these events.
"Rain Gutter Regatta"
                     We had one of the best Regatta's ever this year. We had a 
                                      record turnout and the boys had a wonderful time. Much thanks 
                                      to everyone involved especially Larry Lumpkin for his relentless
                                      effort to provide our boys with the Very Best Scouting Experence.
                                      Below we have included a few photos from the race, hope you enjoy. 
                                                                          Click On Photo To See All


                                                                          "Can Food Drive"
                    The can food drive is coming up soon, last year we had a banner 
                                      year. We collected hundreds of cans of food. We are hoping that 
                                      this years drive will surpass last years. And with all our efforts 
                                      we can make this happen.
                                       Lets All Pitch In And Make This The
                                                         "Very Best Year Ever" for this wonderful cause.

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